The Origins of Psychology – Psyche and Logos

From two Greek words: psyche, which means the mind or the soul and logos, which means psychotherapy, the science of Psychology has been studied and defined by many people throughout the ages. Hilgard, Morgan, Silverman, and Schlesinger are just a few. A cautious analysis of their foregoing definitions of psychology reveals common points: Psychology is the scientific investigation of the behaviors of busy organisms; the term behavior must not be solely qualified to man’s swine reactions and observable actions; and thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are along with associated to the term actions.

The primary goals of Psychology are mainly to portray, identify, sanction and make aware tricks, to know its factors, and to run or alter tricks. Psychologists often apply their knowledge and arrangement of human tricks to solve issues and foster in our outfit. Different areas of specialization in Psychology are studied to designate augmented understandings of this science.

Among these are the conventional fields consisting mainly of: Clinical Psychology which deals once the diagnosis, treatment, and review of psychological problems. It along with relates to Psychiatry which pertains to more omnipresent problems; Counseling Psychology which deals taking into account administering, storing, and interpreting psychological exams; Educational or School Psychology which deals considering students’ learning and getting used to; Community Psychology which deals when problems of the aged, prisoners, and appendage problems in the community.

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It furthermore focuses on the subject of providing accessible care for these people; Social Psychology which deals following the tricks of man individually and in groups; Industrial or Organizational Psychology which deals as soon as issues of people in the workplace; Personality Psychology which is concerned subsequent to the uniqueness of a person; Developmental Psychology which deals gone factors affecting human groups; Experimental Psychology which focuses behind the basis of scientific research; Physiological Psychology which is concerned as soon as the functions of the brain; and Comparative Psychology which targets the differences of the species.

Aside from these, several branches of Psychology were discovered during the 70’s. Forensic Psychology deals once valid, judicial, and correctional systems. Environmental Psychology is primarily concerned roughly issues relating to the feel. Computer Science, in financial relation to the added hand, uses computer programming for behavioral analysis. There is then Engineering Psychology which seeks to make the association along between man and machines; and Psychopharmacology which deals gone the attachment of behavior and drugs.